Trelleborg in English

Trelleborg is the southernmost town and municipality in Sweden, located at the heart of the two expansive regions of Öresund and the South Baltic.

Dalabadets brygga
Foto: Susanne Nilsson Licens: Creative Commons Erkännande Dela lika Dalabadets brygga

Trelleborg is close – twenty minutes from Malmö Airport, thirty minutes from the Öresund Bridge, an hour from downtown Copenhagen and six hours from Berlin.

Trelleborg derives its origins from the Viking Age, and nowadays the reconstructed ring castle from the time of Harald Bluetooth is one of the major tourist magnets. Another is Smygehuk, Sweden's and Scandinavia's southernmost headland, where the summertime in particular sees the region come alive with art exhibitions, organized events and traditional Scanian cuisine.

With 45,000 inhabitants, Trelleborg is Sweden's fiftieth largest municipality, the sixth largest in Scania. For residents and tourists alike, the municipality offers quality of life, while close to the pulse of the big city but with all the advantages of the small town. A prolific range of club activities boasts a broad offering of different events, and 32 kilometres of coastline provides a magnificent countryside experience.

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